Welcome family and friends, in the eyes of God and each other, we are gathered here today to
celebrate that Bride and Groom are being joined together in Holy matrimony. Marriage is a most
honorable estate, created and Instituted by God, signifying unto us the spiritual union which also
exists between Christ and the Church; so too may this marriage be adorned by true and abiding love.

Dear family and friends, this is a day for celebration. We are gathered here today to witness the
marriage of Groom and Bride. As they share their special day with you, they ask for your blessings.

Groom and Bride, have come before me today, because they have reached that point in their
relationship where they desire a greater commitment. Today they are ready to pledge their love to
one another in this union we call marriage.

Your relationship is changing today. You will no longer be just best friends, today you are being
transformed by marriage, into one.

We are gathered here today in the presence of God to give thanks for the gift of marriage, and to
witness the joining together of Groom and Bride, In the Jewish and Christian traditions. Marriage is a
sign of our Creator's intention for wholeness in all creation. Out of the chaos, God brought order. That
creative purpose is still at work. The joining together of two persons into one unique, intimate, and
creative unity in marriage is therefore not only a symbol, but also a demonstration of the well-being,
the shalom, the purpose of human society. And so marriage is truly a celebration of God's good work
in creation.

The uniting in marriage of two individuals from two separate families and backgrounds to establish a
new family is an important and memorable event. For us, attached as we are to Groom and to Bride
by special bonds of love and affection, the uniting of these two people in heart and body and mind is
an occasion of great Significance which we can all celebrate.

Marriage is not a casual event, nor is it simply a private affair between two individuals. Marriage is to
be entered into responsibly and prayerfully. This marriage brings together this day two individuals,
two families, and two communities of faith. It is, then, in the midst of a troubled and broken society, a
sign of hope. It deserves and needs the support of a wider community. Today is a time for family and
friends to share in their commitment to each other by offering Groom and Bride our continued
support, love and best wishes in their lives together.

We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the
worth and beauty of love, and to cherish the words which shall unite Groom and Bride in marriage.

In the eyes of God and each other, we are here today to celebrate that Groom and Bride are being
joined together in Holy matrimony.  There are many things to say about marriage. Much wisdom
concerning the joining together of two souls has come our way through all paths of belief, and from
many cultures. With each union, more knowledge is gained and more wisdom is gathered. Though we
are unable to give all this knowledge to these two who stand before us, we can hope to leave with
them the knowledge of love and its strengths and the anticipation of the wisdom that comes with time.
The law of life is love unto all beings. Without love, life is nothing, without love, death has no

Dear family and friends, this is a day for celebration. We are gathered here today to witness the
marriage of Groom and Bride as they have invited us to share in their lifelong commitment to each
other and they ask your blessing on this joyous day.

Welcome family and friends.  We are gathered here today to unite Groom and Bride in marriage.  It is
appropriate that you, the families and friends of Groom and Bride be here to witness, and to
participate in their wedding.  The ideals, the understanding and the mutual respect which they bring
to their marriage, have their roots in the love, friendship and guidance which you have given them.  It
is one of life's richest surprises when the accidental meeting of two life paths, leads them to proceed
together along the common path of husband and wife, and it is one of life's finest experiences when a
casual relationship grows into a permanent bond of love.  It is this meeting and this growth that brings
us here today. You are about to enter into a union, which is one of the most profound of human
relationships.  Your lives will be bound together so closely and so intimately, that no longer will you
think in terms of `I', but in terms of `We'.  

We have gathered here today to celebrate love. We see it in the faces of Bride and Groom who stand
before us, and we feel it in our own hearts as well. It is a love that is spoken of in all religions, and is
our true center, our true meeting place, it kindles our souls with hope. We are grateful to them for
inviting us to bear witness, as they bring their love like a treasure to share with one another.

Welcome. We are gathered here to witness this man and this woman being joined together in
matrimony, which is an honorable estate and therefore not to be entered into or lightly, but
reverently, discreetly, and in the love of God, into which estate these two persons present come now
to be joined.

We are gathered here today to witness the coming together of two people, _____ and _____, whose
hearts and spirits are entwined as one. They now desire to profess before all the world their intention
to walk the road of life together, forever.
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